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She was a dream, or not…No, she was never a dream.
She was there somewhere around, Why do I forget so fast?
Why can’t I remember her… when I was a baby boy,
She was there somewhere around, Yea…was there…in the form of mom.

She had hard times for me, she hadn’t slept for me.
She had hard pains for me, where can I pay all my debts?
I used to get her milk, but never returned in bulk,
It wasn’t enough for me, I expected a lot more me.

She was there somewhere again, yea… in the form of my grandma.
She lost her all youth for me, and become a grandma, for me.
I used to get her blessings, but never returned any kissing,
It wasn’t enough for me, I expected a lot more me.

Why can’t I remember her…when I was a married man?
She was there somewhere around, Yea…was there…in the form of wife
She loved all my kids for me and grown them well only for me.
It wasn’t enough for me, I expected a lot more me.

She was there around to me, when I was in need of her.
She was there in my bed, when I saw her in my dreams.
I used to get her love, but never returned in lot.
It wasn’t enough for me, I expected a lot more me.

She brought a bunch of peace for me; she brought a lot of joy to me.
She brought a lucky life for me, and she left her home only for me.
I got a good deal with her, but never returned enough penny,
It wasn’t enough for me, I expected a lot more me.

Expectations never stop in me; sometimes make a stress in me.
Why should I be thinking this, when you are near to me.
Why should I expect all this, when you are there only for me?
But still I expect a lot for me, what I got is less for me.


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Haven’t you ever observed the increasing number of sufferings and terrible incidents around us in our daily life?

Have you ever thought about the reasons behind all those happenings?

And have you received any satisfactory answer for that question?

A serious thought in the cosmic path can generate the answers in your own head with out anybody’s help.

“We have an automatic PH controller in our plant. Do you know how it works?

Its controls are set automatically to take actions whenever the acidity of the water raises and PH value decreases less than 7, the controls will open more alkaline solutions to that water to neutralize the water in order to make the PH value again to 7. (7 is the PH value of normal water). Same way if the alkalinity raises and PH value increases above 7, the controls will open more acidic solutions to neutralize the water to make the PH value again to 7.”

Don’t be confused by reading this science and technology in between cosmic laws. I just wanted to explain that, cosmic laws work on us almost similar to the above mentioned process. Whenever there is good causes rise in an individual, then that must be settled to a predefined neutralization with same amount of good effects to that individual. (Remember that a society is nothing but a group of individuals) The same way whenever there is bad causes raises in an individual, that must be settled to a predefined neutralization with same amount of bad effects to that individual now or then to fulfill the eternal needs of cosmic laws.

It’s simply like gathering negative or positive marks. If you gather a good amount of positive marks, nobody can stop you from receiving the flow of good effects will be flawing to you to neutralize that. And the same way if you gather a big amount of positive marks, nobody can save you from receiving the flow of bad and terrible effects will be flawing to you now or then. Nobody can predict all this and nobody can get an explanation too, only other than the person gathered the marks. Everybody around can understand only the immediate causes and immediate effects of those incidents.

These cosmic marks can not be gained by visiting a lot of temples, churches or pouring a huge amount of money in to those man-made and man controlled institutions.

I am not saying that, visiting a temple is bad, “I also do that”. But the philosophy behind that is entirely different than a majority of others think. That will be explained somewhere in the upcoming chapters.

So in a society, which is been formed by a group of individuals, if a majority of individuals try to do the acts which are helpful for achieving positive cosmic marks and a minority earn negative marks, then comparatively the effects happening in that society must be definitely positive effects and a few incidents can happen somewhere to neutralize the less amount of negative marks.

But in the present society around us, and in many parts of the world, is earning negative marks uncontrollably without even thinking a minute about the effects of their acts and may or may not be ready to face that. The cosmic entities can not withstand with such a huge amount of negative marks accumulated in one side of the scale. There will definitely be the ways to discharge it, now or then. And that discharge or neutralization is what happening around us. But still those societies or individuals who earned a good amount of positive marks can withstand in between all these sufferings and there will definitely be good effects waiting for them to neutralize their positive marks.

Actually in our daily life activities, we are earning small amounts of positive and negative marks depend up on one’s acts and behaviors. Those acts may be very simple, may not be noticed in our fast life or it can be very complex too.

Just an example, when you are traveling in a crowded bus and all the seats are full, you and your friend is occupied a full seat which is actually designed for three persons. In the next stop one more person entered in the bus and stood near to you. You also saw that but because of your comfortable sitting with your friend, you didn’t want to move a bit and give a little space to that man which is really deserved to him. You enjoyed travel and reached to destination. Everything was fine, but you didn’t know that, you have already gained a bit of negative marks in your account. If you have given a space to him or if you have given your own seat to an old person appeared in front of you, you could have gained a bit of positive marks. When ever similar situations occurs we definitely receives a cosmic signal as a guideline of what to do and what not to do, but we simply avoiding that for our instance comforts.

This is just an example of incidents in our daily life where we gather goodness and badness. These incidents can vary from this scale to a verity of higher scale activities and the effects will also vary accordingly.

So our aim in our daily life and activities should be focusing on gathering a good amount of positive marks and accumulation of that can block all the negative effects and allow only positive effects flows towards your future.

I have said this much, and you have read this much, now naturally there will be a few confusions in your head, I know that.

Probably you are thinking about how some richest and lucky people are enjoying their life with a lot of money they got without knowing any struggles in life and without doing any good acts for earning any positive marks? Is there any logic in that?

Probably another thought can be about, somebody around us are having sufferings only from the childhood and still suffering a lot even they are very good characterized people and doing good acts only? So what happened to the logic here?

Or a child, from the birth is suffering a lot of painful diseases, what is the logic here; he hasn’t had any chances for earning any positive or negative marks, but still? What cosmic laws can say anything here?

Yes I do agree with your questions, of course we have questions. But the million dollar question is something else, and that is,

“Where can we get the answers?”


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“Spoiled Girl”

Did I touch you, when I saw you first time?
But you were an innocent girl.
Did I hurt you, when I saw you next time?
But you were a cute pretty girl, no?
Yes, truly you were a cute pretty girl…

Did I do anything wrong, why did you run away from me,
But never I had an aim to crush you,
And never I had an aim to spoil you.…
Still who did that mistake? You or me?…
But the “spoiled” has become you only.

I did have a truthful love and I had a real attraction,
And I never wanted to spoil you, but still?
It wasn’t a fault of mine, but was a fault of them?
Still I ruined your innocence, no?
But why the “spoiled” has become you only?

You should have avoided me, or
I should have avoided you, but.
Was there any wrongness with us?
Again we did that same mistake no?
But why the “spoiled” has become you only?

You were too younger, than I thought,
But I too fell in a wonderland, then,
I can’t say what went in wrong, yes..,
You didn’t hate any attractions, But
Why the “spoiled” has become you only?

I told you all the stories, and
I gave you all the dreams too,
You forgot to safeguard you, but
I should’ve done that for you.
Still the “spoiled” has become you only.

You were a girl, with no stories,
But I made new stories of you, but
So cruel have I become then no?
Still I have no new stories, ha…
But the “spoiled” has become you only.

It’s all not because of you girl,
But because of your pretty face.
I hadn’t had a way out,
Somewhere to run and escape.
But why the “spoiled” has become you only.

You didn’t have any ways to go, god…
I too knew that very well girl?
I should’ve done something then,
But I didn’t have courage to do, ‘then,
The “spoiled” has become you only.

Do I have any curse of you?
No, I know you can’t do that, but
Why am I writing all this?…
Only to escape from your curse, no?..No..
‘Cus the “spoiled” was you only… girl.

We should’ve shared the wrong,
Once they caught us with their laws.
I should’ve done something good… damn!!!
I am still unspoiled and good…..am I ?
And the “spoiled” has become you only.

(An ode for the unspoiled girls, “I am” is not me…sure, but a few words about a spoiled girl in my vicinity)

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Indusladies.com Finest Blog of September 2009 – Runner Up Entry.

I am also living in this hot desert, but I am lucky to have a cool breeze here, my loving wife Renuka and our cute little daughter Anjali, (she is an angel, with long curly hair and blue eyes), also one more person, our servant Kamala (no, she is not a servant, but one of our family member)

I am not a writer, I write only project reports and official letters.
Please forgive me if it is boring to read.
But still I want to write a few words about our Anjali..
Story of an unlucky girl.
That will give a relief to my distressing memories.

When I start writing, my mind flows thirteen years back….
The big city Bombay (now it is Mumbai)…
I was transferred to Bombay from our Dubai office for a short term assignment in Bombay. I went and checked the accommodation facilities found satisfactory and then went back to home town in Kerala for bringing my wife.
After two weeks I came back with Renu and started a new life in Bombay.
It was very joyful at that time, work was only half day and then outing to city, cinemas, picnic, boating and enjoying life.
But we had only one sorrow that was not getting the luck of being a mom and dad after two years of marriage.
That time our conservative families were very strictly looking this matter and she was facing a lot of mental agony.
But as long as she was with me, she was happy.
We forgot everything in our own world.
Our apartment was in Kalina, and beside our area there was a slum were many poor people resides.
One fine day when we came back to home after outing, there was a middle aged woman (was looking older than actual because of her poor appearance) was standing in front of our gate. We didn’t notice her and went inside.
Before closing door she called us and asked in Tamil. “Sir, koncham uthavi panna mudiyuma?” (Sir could you give me a help?)
What? I asked.
Sir, ethavathu oru velai kedakkuma?enna vela venannalum pannalam sir.
She said she was desperately searching for a job and having no money to survive with her family.
What to do? I asked my wife. She was actually happy to get somebody in the house because she was feeling alone in the strange city at day time.
So I accepted her to come from tomorrow and didn’t ask anything about her payment.
I thought if it is a help for her poor family, I was happy to do that even there was no need to keep a maid for us.
Then Kamala (that was her name) started coming to our home and we knew all her stories. That was really pathetic. She was living in a small village near Madhurai and in her young age she fell love with a stranger who came for job in her village. She knew her family never allows marrying a stranger, so night to night she came to Bombay with her lover. She said, after came to Bombay she become pregnant and delivered a baby girl and lived happily for one year. Then after that something strange happened (that she never told us) and her husband left her and disappeared somewhere. Still she doesn’t know where he is after five years. Now she is doing some house maid jobs and surviving with her daughter. We felt upset and very sad about her.
Days passed…
One fine day after one month…
That was a Sunday; we were on off mood and relaxing, heard the bell ringing.
I went and opened the door, that was kamalam; she came for asking some money.
Suddenly I found somebody hiding behind her.
I asked, who is that cute girl hiding behind you?
Kamalam pulled her out and said, “She is Anjali, my daughter”
I surprised by seeing her, she was not looking like a slum girl; she was an angel faced girl with curly hair and blue eyes.
“That was Anjali”


By the time Renu also came out and she also liked Anjali very much. Anjali came out from her initial shyness within a short time and became our little friend.
Renu also liked her very much and asked Kamala to bring her everyday.
Slowly Anjali entered in our hearts with out permission, she becomes our great happiness.
We were very happy to be with her, play with her and sing with her…..
At one moment we thought that if Anjali is our daughter, how happy we will be in the rest of our life.
But one thing I was worrying about. She was already six years old and never started going to school. But without asking I knew that Kamala has no money to send her to school or there was nobody to help her for doing that. So Anjali was also living with many similar children in that slum.
I discussed with Renu very seriously about this. Shall we help her for going to school?
But the issue was we came for only six months and already three months passed. Now we have only three months left with them. So how can we take that responsibility, if I help her to start doing school, who will take care after we leave? That was a question.
But still we didn’t want to leave them alone.
Finally we took a decision to take them with us to Kerala.
We discussed everything with Kamala. She was more than happy to hear that and always ready to come with us.
We knew that we are becoming her gods in her eyes.
Meanwhile we went for a short trip to Kerala and discussed this with my family also, they agreed because they were also looking for a housemaid.
Then I talked about the admission issues with one of my relative who was the committee member of a reputed residential school. She heard all the stories and agreed that she will arrange everything for Anjali’s admission as a special case.
We become very happy and returned to Bombay again.
Renu was very eager to inform Kamala and Anjali about this and very happy to think that we are not leaving Anjali in this dirty slum, but she is going to come with us.
We came back to Bombay and told the happy news to Kamala and Anjali.
Kamala said Anjali was very unhappy for one week when we were not there.
She become very happy by seeing us and never wanted to go back from our house.
Kamala also started a dream that never before, her daughter is going to start living a new life that she never expected before.
We saw that thanks giving always in her eyes.
Anjali become a part of our picnics and pleasure trips, we took her new dresses and she stayed with us always in our house like our daughter. We never wanted to see her in her old slum again.
One day Renu asked me, if I can not be a mother, shall we adopt her as our daughter?
I laughed and replied her ‘okay, you can be her mummy and let Kamala be her amma”
Days passed fastly…
Now we have only one more week to go in Bombay, after that we are leaving this big city. But we are not going alone, Anjali will be with us.
That was the happiest part of thinking.
Mean while my assignment completed and received settlement and return air tickets to Kerala after three days. But I cancelled the air tickets and booked four train tickets for Kamala and Anjali also.
There are three days left, what to do? We decided to go to Goa for a trip and booked a honeymoon cottage. As this trip is in a honeymoon mood and distance is also more, so we decided not to take Anjali with us.
We told Kamala that we will come back after two days and third day we all will go to Kerala. So take care of our house and make all the arrangements for the travel.
Two days stay in Goa was very pleasure; we enjoyed a lot site seeing, beach walking, night dances…enjoyed a lot.
Second day we returned from Goa and reached to our house at late night.
Our gate was locked; we thought Kamala and Anjali might have gone back to her home after waiting a long time.
We opened it, went inside and went for sleeping immediately due to the tiredness of a long journey.
We wake up morning very late because of yesterday’s tiredness.
The time is already nine, where is Kamala?
She usually comes before seven o’ clock. What happened? Renu worried, she was eager to see Anjali.
Time passed again, now its is 12 o’ clock. They didn’t come.
Where are they, I also felt something bad.
We have to leave, our train is at 5 o’clock, and Renu was in tension.
I told her not to worry; I will go and enquire about them.
But really I was not aware about where is her house.
I had only an idea about the location by her words. Still I decided to search.
Some how after one hour search I reached an inside corner of that big slum.
Somebody shown me Kamala’s house. That was not like a house; just a small place under a staircase of an old damaged building covered with polythene sheets and had a tin sheet door also.
Some old people were standing before her house and talking something seriously. I heard some weeping sound inside the house. Is that kamala?
Suddenly somebody came and asked me “are you looking for Kamala?”
Yes” I told.
“Oh…sir, this is her house…are you from police?’
“No..why? police.. What happened?”
“Oh..you didn’t know? Her daughter is missing from yesterday”
“What?” Our Anjali…is missing…


I become numbed. I couldn’t hear what they were saying after that, I didn’t see anything for some time…
Immediately I become conscious and asked them what happened and went inside to see Kamala. She was laying in the bed looks half conscious.
By seeing me she started crying again by calling Anjali. I told her not to worry, we will find out her somehow.
I came to know how the incident happened. Anjali was there in front of our house yesterday evening; probably she was looking to road and waiting for our arrival. Kamala was somewhere inside doing some work. That time she had been abducted by some stranger, but nobody saw that, and no eye witness, what to do?
I was not able to tell this to Renu, but I had to tell her that. She also becomes shocked by hearing that. I cancelled all the tickets and immediately took all the possible actions to trace out the girl. We brought Kamala to our house and Renu tried to console her.
I was also new in the big city and didn’t know how to manage such a situation and there were nobody else to help us.
But I think, I tried all possible ways to trace her, but we failed…
Police was not much co operative, may be they are hopeless to trace a little girl in the million people city…
We stayed there three more weeks and personally went through all the roads nearby and searched each and every beggar groups and wandering people.
But we never found our Anjali…
When the days passed…we become hopeless..
Where she has gone?
Who took her out?..All questions are still unanswered..
Finally we decided to leave that city, but what about Kamala?
By the time she was in a much mentally depressed state, Renu also didn’t want to leave her alone. So we took her with us and returned back to Kerala.
When the train started moving. I looked back once again; our Anjali may be there some where in this big crowd….Anjali, please forgive us…

Years passed….
I left Dubai and came to Kuwait, brought my family to Kuwait and brought Kamala also…
After seven years of treatment, surgeries and prayers, Renu become pregnant and we got our first baby girl….
We named her “Anjali”
Now she is five years old…she looks almost similar to our old Anjali. She is also looking like an angel with her curly hair and blue eyes.
But more than that she is the luckiest girl in the earth, because of having two loving mothers…
Her mummy Renu and her amma Kamala…
“That is our Anjali”

But when ever Anjali’s haunting memories come to my mind, I get depressed. If she is alive, she is eighteen years of age…where is she now?
With any beggar groups, …or in any brothel home….
I don’t want to think about that…
Still if I see any beggar groups we search for Anjali hopefully, but we never found her.
How unlucky she is…if she was safe for a few more hours, she would have got a colorful life with us and studying in the top English school..
Really unlucky girl…

“Anjali, we love you, we will never forget you”

With lots of love,

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Now I have a rose garden in my house, but I told my family that our garden is not only for us but also for all the children around, if any of them comes for flowers, let them take as much as they want, and don’t close the gate against them. I love to see the blooming of joy and happiness in their faces. That is more beautiful than the beauty of the blooming of a rose.

When I was a child, I wanted a rose flower, not a bouquet of flowers, only a single rose flower. But I didn’t get it. You may think, what is in that? That’s only a flower, but it affected my little heart deeply and still not a faded memory.

This happened in my childhood when I was a twelve year old boy, but I can still remember that.
We were living in a small rented house in a small city and there was no place for making a courtyard or making a garden in our house. But still my young sister was very fond of flowers, when she was at the age of three or four.
So where ever I see a flower I used to remember her and bring one for her to see the brightness and joy on her face when she see that.
But she was always asking me about a “rose” flower and telling that she heard about rose flower from somebody and thinking that rose is the most beautiful flower in the world. And she was asking me everyday to bring a rose flower, if it is possible.
But actually in our area at that time it was very difficult and rare to get a rose flower. I have seen one or two in the near by houses, but I know they are not going to give me if I ask also.
But still I was searching for that.
After hearing her request everyday, I promised her that “I will some how bring it on your next birthday as a birthday gift. Until then you keep quiet and don’t ask me again, okay.”
She agreed that and then never asked again. And I was looking beside all the roads everyday to find out a single rose, but I could not get it. Her birthday was nearing; I had to find it out some how. So one holiday I took my bicycle and went out to our city. After roaming many places I found it in one place.
That wasn’t a house, but a very big bungalow, resembles a palace made of white marbles.
All the sides where covered by tall fences and a big locked gate also.
I looked inside through the holes on the gate and amazed by seeing a heaven of roses. Not only one or two but so many, in the parking shed, all over the courtyard, on the fence every where roses……… a million of roses. I have seen that many roses there only in my life. But how to get it, I waited there patiently and after some time I saw a very old woman was walking in the long courtyard, she may be a servant or somebody, I don’t know. I called her and asked…

“Mom, could you please give a rose flower to me?”
She looked me and asked.
“Who are you boy? Why do you want to pick a rose flower?”
“It is not for me mom, it is for my young sister, day after tomorrow is her birthday, she likes roses very much. So I want to give her it as a gift” I said in a single breath.
She laughed and said. “It is so nice boy, what is in that, you can come day after tomorrow and take as much as you want”
I become happy, finally the search is over and I can definitely give it to her on her birthday.
I returned back to home with a peaceful mind.

Day after tomorrow…
Our little queen’s birthday has come. Early morning she came to me and asked, “where is my rose, did you forget it, I haven’t asked all these days but I was waiting for today.
Where is it, show me now?”

Poor girl, she was dreaming this only all last night?

I told her. “Who forgot it, I never forgot it and I am going to bring it in a short time, okay”

I promised her again and started with my bicycle.
Before reaching there I saw that old woman was standing near the gate.
By seeing me she invited me inside and told me to pick as many flowers I want.
I told her “I don’t want many, but a single rose only for my sister”
I looked all the heaven of roses at a glance and selected a single beautiful rose and picked it carefully without damaging. That was more than enough for me.
I become very happy and I expressed all my thanks to that kind woman and returned to gate.

Suddenly the door was opened and a fat lady came out.
She saw me standing with a rose holding in my hand.
She become angry and shouted to that old woman.
“Who is this dirty boy picking all our flowers?”
The old woman frightened and said “I told him to pick, he asked only one for her sister”
She shouted again “what?, you don’t have brain, this is not for giving to these dirty boys’
She came out dragged my hands and pull out the flower.
Then what she did was something I never expected. She put that beautiful rose on the floor and then crushed it with her lugs and pushed me outside the gate and locked.

I stood there for few minutes in that shock…
Then become so sad…
Now what to tell my sister, I know today she is expecting only for this, more than anything.
How can I go without this?
How can I find another in this short time?
No, I can’t go back without a rose, I will not go back without a rose.

At that time I saw a small beautiful yellow flower outside the gate under there big fence. She was looking to my face and calling me.
I went near to that, I felt like she was dancing with the wind to make me happy.
I heard she was telling me “Don’t cry, you are not a dirty boy, I am here for you.”
I picked her very carefully without harming her beautiful leaves and went back to home.
I saw my sister was sitting in front of the house by looking me on the road.
I gave that yellow flower to her and told, “See my cute girl, this is your rose, you have never seen it before no? See how beautiful it is?”
I become a bad boy.
I lied to her on her birthday.

What else I can do?
Some times we are forced to say innocent lies for good reasons, no?

But her face became bright like a full moon and I become happy again by seeing that blooming of joy on her face. She hugged me and gave a smooth kiss on my face.
I felt that unknown yellow flower is more beautiful than all those roses I have seen in that house.
No, that is the most beautiful flower ever I have seen in the whole world.

With lots of love,

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Just some memories of my college days,
Memories of happy days give still happiness and want to share with all of you.
I studied in a well known management college and life was so wonderful because it was a mixed college and I came from a boys only school. But I was too shy to mingle with girls and never had courage to talk or to be with them. But I liked to see them and enjoy their beauty as much as with out their knowledge.
Life was going on smoothly, then one day that happened, and that made a lot of changes in my life.
One new girl joined in our department, she was Renuka.
I had an unknown feeling started in mind after seeing her and may be that is what everybody say “love at first site”.
But she never knew that and she was not even looking me and I also never got a chance to go and talk to her.
But I was always mad about her and thinking of her and going behind her all the way without her knowledge.
I changed my rout and started one hour early, changed three buses to catch the same bus that she travels.
I was much happy to see her always, and I started getting pain in my neck by looking always to left side in class room.
And one fine day god gave me a good chance.
There were monthly examinations conducted in all classed and the evaluation of the answer sheets were being done by students only.
The system was like exchanging all the papers from boys to girls randomly and vice versa.
So one by one everybody was exchanging answer papers and how luckily
I got Renukas answer papers.
I was much happy even to touch her answer papers and I started shivering my body after touching those papers, I had a feeling like touching her. I was ready to give full marks to all papers even without reading.
She gave all the papers kept inside a book with a beautiful smile on her face.
That was enough for me.
I took all the papers to home and started reading at night after everybody slept.
I started reading all the papers like a love letter and read again again, but I really found absolutely all the answers are correct and she deserves full marks.
After reading all, I just looked a glance to her book and I surprised by seeing two three stories written on the back pages of her book in her own handwriting.
The stories were marvelous and I felt how good she is in story writing.
I am impressed more on her character.
Next day I returned all the papers and books to her and didn’t tell anything about her stories.
After seeing the full marks on papers she passed a smile to me and said thanks.
I also congratulated for her highest scores.
That was my first introduction to her.
Then I wanted to get her impression somehow and the way I found was strange, but that worked out.
I took one of her best story and made some my own corrections and submitted to the college story competition. I was damn sure that she will win the first prize.
And that day came; principal announced the prizes of story competitions at the inauguration meeting of college day.
He announced the first prize goes to “Renuka”…
She surprised by hearing that, but thought that may be any other Renuka, suddenly I went and congratulated her and told her everything that I have done for her.
She amazed by hearing all and become very happy, there we started our friendship.
But mine was not a friendship, that was a deep love, but I didn’t know what she is having to me, only a friendship or a love.
I didn’t have the courage to ask that, but I was waiting for a chance to ask.
Days were passing very happily.

One day Sandeep joined in our college, he is the villain in my story.
He was a distant relative of Renuka, so from the first day he was very close to Renu and I saw them together always. My jealousy started, he is more handsome than me and more smart also.
Many times I tried to tell Renu to avoid him, but she was telling Sandeep is a good friend of her.
I become frustrated and didn’t know what to do.
Many weeks I avoided her, a few times she came and sat near me in canteen, but I just avoided her and went out without telling anything or without hearing what she wanted to say.
I felt an unknown doubt that she is in love with Sandeep.

Yes I confirmed myself that she is in love with Sandeep.
But how to confirm?
I was desperately searching all the ways to confirm her love with Sandeep.
But I couldn’t…

Then again that day come, our monthly examinations, this time luckily or unluckily some how her papers came to me again after a long time.

By seeing me in front of her, she kept all the papers inside a book and gave me with out looking to my face and with out even a smile on her face.
I didn’t ask her anything and I didn’t want to read those papers and I was thinking the ways to fail her in all papers.
I didn’t wait up to night, immediately after reaching home I read the papers quickly and gave some average marks than actually those deserved.
Again I looked at a glance to her book and found some story on the back pages.

I started reading with out any interest, but I shocked and surprised after started reading that. It was not a story, but was a love letter to me.

I took several minutes to come out from that shocking and happiest moment in my life……

I never expected in my dreams that a girl like her will express her love to me in such a way, that was a thrilling experience.

I felt flying like a feather and my body became hot like an H1N1 patient.

My one way love stopped there and our two way love started.
Rest of the days in college become happy days again and still continues…

“And now she is my dearest wife.”

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Ayyan has this wonderfully written poem where he dedicates this poem to his real house wife. The words are very well crafted and feelings aptly described. A must read.

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