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Things that you have earned with your own efforts with out hurting anybody will never leave you, or they will come back to you even if you lost it.
That is my belief.
There are some examples in my life and I want to share with you.
Any body can think about a suitcase with all valuable items lost in the big city of Madras, and is it possible to get it back?

Once I went to Madras (Now it is Chennai) for an interview. I caught an auto from Madras central to the hotel where the interview takes place. I was very tired after a long train journey. So before getting in to the auto, I took some soft drinks from one busy shop near railway station. But after drinking I forgot to take my suitcase with all my money and all my original certificates inside. I kept it just in front of the shop and quickly entered in auto and went to the hotel where the interview was going on with my handbag only in hand.
There was a lot of tension in my head and I was in hurry also, so I could not immediately notice about the missing suitcase and I waited in the reception for more than three hours. I remembered that only when they announced my name as the next candidate. I was looking for the certificates and shocked by seeing no suitcase and certificates besides me.
Immediately I ran out but couldn’t remember where I missed it.
I just walked all the way behind with out any aim.
I searched all the reception and in front of the hotel, I couldn’t find it.
Then I got a doubt that it may be there in the railway station or may be in that shop where I had the drinks.
But now almost four hours passed, how it will be there now in this big city?
And no money to catch an auto again, for safety I kept my purse also inside the suitcase and kept a hundred rupee note only in my pocket, damn it !! that I gave to that auto driver also.
I sat down beside the road on a cement wall with all my energy lost.
I felt like all my life is gone, what I can do with out my all certificates ?, how can I go back? Who is there to help me in this big city?
May be I have to beg somebody even for going back.

I was totally upset and sat there for a few minutes without any hope and looking on ground.

I looked in front by hearing a call. That was a beggar boy around the age of twelve or thirteen. He was standing in front of me and asking me money showing his hand.
I looked to his hand, there was a one rupee coin.
I checked in my pocket, and found only a one rupee coin.
That was the only one left in my pocket.
What is the use of keeping it there, let it also go…
I thought like that in desperation.
I put it on his hand and said, “Now you are more richer than me, I become poor , I have nothing in my hands”
He looked on my face with unbelief, and then asked in Tamil.
“You look like a rich man, then where all your money gone?”
“Yes boy, I was rich, but I lost my suitcase somewhere near railway station”

He didn’t say anything for a moment and started walking, but suddently turn around and told me something unexpected from him.
“Sir, don’t worry sir, your bag must be still there only where u kept it, go fast and take it”
That time one bus came and stopped near us.
He put that one rupee coin back to my hand and again put one more coin, that was his earning and said.
“Sir, get in this bus, you can reach railway station with this two rupees, go fast”
I was not in a state to give any reply, but I got some energy from his words and ran to the bus and got in.
I reached railway station in half an hour.

How luckily I found my suitcase was still there in the same place where I kept.
No body even touched it.
So many people were rushing all the way around, but nobody noticed that suitcase luckily, or I think it was still under the custody of god.
I returned back in an auto again. Before reaching the hotel I searched for that boy everywhere near the bridge to give him some money for my pleasure.
But I couldn’t find him.
That was an amazing experience.

Once again I missed some valuable items.
That was a very expensive camera and the set of printout photos taken by that camera.
I received all the printouts from a studio and unfortunately put camera also inside that cover, then we went for a long shopping all over Kuwait city and Malia city.
After a long shopping in many shops we returned home and checked all bags and found camera and photos were missing.
I couldn’t remember where I kept it and it is very difficult to go and check in many shops. But I joked to Renu keeping in mind my previous experience that not to worry; I will get it back definitely.
But I didn’t have any hope.
But that also happened amazingly!!

After around three months, we were doing again another shopping in Kuwait city and went to one sari shop. Renu started selecting saris, after some time that shop owner called me and I went near to him. Then he took a photo and looked on my face and confirmed something.
Then gave me our old cover with camera and all photos are safe in that and said that he got that cover on that day inside the shop.
But he was a good man and didn’t take it to home. Instead he kept it there only and observing everybody coming to the shop and expected to return once when the real owner arrives.
We told many thanks to that honest shop owner.
That was a happy moment to see some good people are still in our world.

These incidents taught me one thing. Don’t fear about any losses when it happens.
Any thing you earned THROUGH GOOD AND TRUE WAY WITHOUT CHEATING OR HURTING ANYBODY will never lose from you. If you lost also, it will come back to you, or god will bring it back to your hands.


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They were two; they may be lovers or couples.
I don’t know.
I wanted to ask, but I couldn’t. Why?
Because they are only insects, I don’t know there language.
I sat there not for watching them, but for waiting my friend.

But unexpectedly my attention turned to them may be because of their beauty.
They had small golden wings and yellow dots on it and size was as smaller as a matchstick tip. There acts amused me, I could see they were dancing together, singing together and enjoying there life with out any tension about future. They just reminded me my own honeymoon days and also led me to many thoughts. How god created these small beings and why he has given this shape and beauty to them, they must have a heart and brain?

Hay Ayyan, have you reached already? His loud voice waked me up from thoughts.
He came and sat near to me and lightened a cigarette, before started talking he just looked on ground and saw one of the insect running by hearing the sound of his boots I think. He just crushed it with his heavy boots while talking and laughing with me.
But he didn’t see the other one was running.
I don’t know why he did that and what satisfaction he got by doing that.
That place was not his not mine too. He hasn’t created them and they haven’t done anything against him. What to do? Some people are like this, they don’t even think what they are doing. It is over.

Our talk was also over. He left the place with a big goodbye.
I just looked down again. I could see a few pieces of golden wings and the other one walks and runs around that. I couldn’t understand its language but I knew that, it wasn’t dancing and it wasn’t singing. I was able to hear her (or his I don’t know) loud cry.

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Please don’t be confused by reading the heading. It is not a horror story, but my small worries about the horrors exist in our minds.
One of the incident happened today reminded me another incident happened a few years back. Both are in different situations and no similarities, but the base of the reactions are same and if I analyze that, I have to believe in the fact that we all are the victims of horror created by somebody else.
A few years back I received an urgent call from labor camp that one of our workers had some accident and he had been taken to hospital. I rushed to the hospital to see him. When I reached there, he was in ICU or somewhere inside, then I could manage to meet him after many hours. His condition was serious but not critical. Doctors said he won’t be able to walk for at least six months due to the fractures on backbone and lugs. I know he is also an ordinary worker from a poor family. Before leaving he gave me a closed cover and told me that, a draft and some letters are in that cover, a little big paper cover. His friend was going on vacation that morning and he was on the way to his house to handover the cover. So that he could have posted it next day in India. That was a normal practice at those times because there was no facilities of express money transfer and telex transfer were not available like now. But now his friend had already left with out knowing his accident and he is asking me to post it somehow today, because there will be some function in his home after three or four days. What to do? He is in a pathetic situation, so it is my duty to help him some how. Okay , there is only one possibility is there. I rushed to airport immediately.
Last flight to Cochin leaves after mid night, my intention was to hand over the cover to any of the passenger and if he can post it tomorrow morning, things will work out. But after reaching the entrance and asked a few people I came to know that the task is not so simple. Nobody was ready to accept my cover, I didn’t know why?
After asking many passengers I become desperate. Then an old but proud looking lady was observing my efforts for a long time. She called me and said, this is not your fault, this is the fault of the world, we all are the victims of horror created by somebody else. You may be a gentle man but, they can expect anything in your cover which is dangerous to travel, any fake currency or illegal narcotics what ever they can expect. I explained her about the situation and then she agreed to take it with a condition to open it up and check. I didn’t hesitate to do that, because finally I got only a hope on her. I opened up the cover and shown her all the letters and draft was there inside. She kept it in her bag and went inside. Thank god. So I realized that, I have become a victim of that horror.

And here is the second incident that I told you at the beginning. This was happened just today morning and that triggered me to write this now. I moved to my new flat yesterday only, so obviously I am a stranger here for a few days. Today morning I went out for purchasing something and came back to my new building. I parked my car and then stood there for a few minutes to make some phone calls in mobile. I didn’t notice a small girl of around seven or eight years age was standing near to me waiting for her school bus, looks like a north Indian girl. I heard she is calling me “uncle, uncle”. I just turned and looked her and found her skirt stuck in the nails of the car shed while rushing here and there with out looking. I went near to her and tried to plug the cloth out. After a few moments try I did it with out damaging her skirt. She said thanks and smiled and I also asked a few questions for the sake of the situation. Suddenly somebody came near the lift with a small baby in hand and called her. She ran to her. I overheard a few words of her mother. She was angry to her for speaking to a stranger, “Why are you talking to strangers, I warned you many times no? kaisa kaisa log hai, kisko maalum hai?”
I become a little depressed by hearing that, but then realized it is not her fault.
But before entering into the lift, that girl turned to me and gave me a beautiful thanks giving smile. That was enough to console my small depression.
I have become the victim of horror again, but not only me, they are also living with that horror and they are also victims.
I used to remember about my childhood days in my mother’s house in a small village. They trusted everybody. My mother used to send my sisters to school with the first person coming on the road, he may be a coconut tree climber or a high school boy or even a stranger but she didn’t fear, because there was a trust on all human beings. So painful to think, but that is lost now.
Incidents happen around us create an unknown horror in our minds. So our mind alerts us always even if there is nothing to be horrified. So we expect some illegal things inside the cover if somebody brings to us in airport and we fear to chat with somebody with real names and making online friendships in fake names only and expect some danger to our kids always when they are alone with strangers even if nothing exists really and what not? We fear everybody even though if we love.
I can’t blame anybody because, being as a responsible and careful father I will also tell my kids the same words, because I know I am also a victim…. you too. I don’t want to be my kids or myself a real victim, so in reality…
We fear the world.

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I am gonna ask a quick question.
“How about getting a baby immediately after the marriage?”
What is your answer?
Nowadays most of us prefer a big “NO”

Most of the answers go like this.
“We don’t want a baby now”, or
“let us settle down for a few years and then we will think about that” or
“we need to enjoy our honeymoon days as well.” or
“recently I joined in this new job, so……no ..no…I need to think about it.”

Reasons are many…
But just think about a time after ten or fifteen years, you are waiting in front of fertility clinics so long time everyday waiting for your turn. Think about your feelings when you see your pregnancy test pad shows a single line all the month ends after a hopeful suspected period of delayed menses.
Slowly changes the feelings of desperation to depression?

I never wanted to delay the arrival of my baby even a single day.
But still it delayed for many years.
I liked children from my teen ages and I wanted babies. When any of my aunties come to our house with their babies, I was very happy to take the responsibility of baby sitting. . please don’t laugh!!!!I can hear that…. please…stop, it is not a joke!!!
But there was no way to get a baby, later I knew that I need to marry a girl for getting babies. I become ready to marry.
But there was a problem again, I came to know that I can marry only after studies and after getting a job and all, oh damn it. I need to wait a long time up to twenty eight or thirty years old, my god!!!! What a world it is???
While crossing the hurdles, I asked my ma, “so many years to complete my course and it is not easy to get a job also…so ….so….. I can’t wait a long, I need babies, and I am ready to marry even a widow who is having two or three children. She laughed me “are you mad? See your elder cousin brothers are above thirty and still not married? Then why are you so hurry, you don’t have to remind us always… we know when you can get married.” I shut my mouth for many years.

Marriage becomes a dream for many years.
Finally she has come to my life.
Her mind, thoughts and way of thinking all were perfectly made photocopies of mine. I don’t know I am the luckiest person or she is the luckiest for getting each other. But still the baby hasn’t come…
Not only for a few years, but for many years.

I saw hope on her face (mine too) every month during a delayed period, and later changes to desperation. People around her satisfied by throwing sharp edged words aimed to her heart.
We didn’t mind anything, but started a long journey to find our baby.

We also started waiting in front of fertility clinics so long time everyday expecting our call. I came to know the fact that, gynecologists are very rare species and very difficult to meet them than a film star. Many days we waited up to twelve midnight and even three or four hours after that also. Doctors made us specimens of their experiments. Effects and side effects of many tablets made her life miserable. Years long treatment gone somewhat like this. Many cycles of clomid and metformin treatment and endless ultrasound ovary scanning throughout prescribed dates troubled us cycling up and down through hopes and despairs. But again all the negative results pushed her in to clomid and HcG injection treatments but found ineffective due to the so called symptoms of polycystic ovarian syndrome too. Oh my god, again that pushed her in to a Hystero Salpingo Gram test which was unimaginable painful with out an Anastasia, that we didn’t know actually, she couldn’t even move her body for two three days, and we only two there in our flat with out any helps even. The negative results of that made her to go through a laparoscopic surgery and that was the door step to many more painful post surgical days. I heard that the delivery pain is the biggest pain in a woman’s life, but she had gone through much enough before that. She surprised me and showed me how a person can survive all this pain with a smile, without any complaint and without giving up the hope till achieving the aim. I learned a lot of lessons from her. I was also like an ordinary man wanted always to be respected by my wife, but slowly I started respecting her. Once she told me that she is giving me a place with her gods, but now if I am not giving her a place with my goddesses, god will not allow me to sit in the place that she had given me. I am nothing in front of her, nothing…What ever sufferings and pains went through in my past life was nothing compared to that.

I have become a half doctor, as expert as a clinical gynecologist. When ever I get a worried call of her, I used to sit in front of the internet to search all the effects, side effects, usages, dosages, clinical name, brand name and what ever available for the hundreds of tablets she used to take and functioning of each and every organs, oh majority of my office hours spent on that. Now I am able to treat any female illness just by hearing the symptoms, but I never tried on anybody else, because I don’t know they are insured or not !!!!..just kidding, I can’t do that.

Oh my god where I have reached now!!! Actually I sat now to write about the sentimental moments of my baby opened eyes after 11th day of delivery and I was eagerly waiting to see that, because I was on a short vacation scheduled to fly back on 11th day of her delivery. (My baby was in ventilator with covered eyes for 10days after delivery).
But after writing this much, I came to know that I am not able to write anything more, because it is so painful to even remember those days again. So I decided not to write and keep it in a closed corner of our mind. Sorry for doing this……
I have only one request to say.
There is a slogan in road safety.
“Better late than never”
I want to change in this case.
“Better fast than never” (even if you may not agree)

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Now I have a rose garden in my house, but I told my family that our garden is not only for us but also for all the children around, if any of them comes for flowers, let them take as much as they want, and don’t close the gate against them. I love to see the blooming of joy and happiness in their faces. That is more beautiful than the beauty of the blooming of a rose.

When I was a child, I wanted a rose flower, not a bouquet of flowers, only a single rose flower. But I didn’t get it. You may think, what is in that? That’s only a flower, but it affected my little heart deeply and still not a faded memory.

This happened in my childhood when I was a twelve year old boy, but I can still remember that.
We were living in a small rented house in a small city and there was no place for making a courtyard or making a garden in our house. But still my young sister was very fond of flowers, when she was at the age of three or four.
So where ever I see a flower I used to remember her and bring one for her to see the brightness and joy on her face when she see that.
But she was always asking me about a “rose” flower and telling that she heard about rose flower from somebody and thinking that rose is the most beautiful flower in the world. And she was asking me everyday to bring a rose flower, if it is possible.
But actually in our area at that time it was very difficult and rare to get a rose flower. I have seen one or two in the near by houses, but I know they are not going to give me if I ask also.
But still I was searching for that.
After hearing her request everyday, I promised her that “I will some how bring it on your next birthday as a birthday gift. Until then you keep quiet and don’t ask me again, okay.”
She agreed that and then never asked again. And I was looking beside all the roads everyday to find out a single rose, but I could not get it. Her birthday was nearing; I had to find it out some how. So one holiday I took my bicycle and went out to our city. After roaming many places I found it in one place.
That wasn’t a house, but a very big bungalow, resembles a palace made of white marbles.
All the sides where covered by tall fences and a big locked gate also.
I looked inside through the holes on the gate and amazed by seeing a heaven of roses. Not only one or two but so many, in the parking shed, all over the courtyard, on the fence every where roses……… a million of roses. I have seen that many roses there only in my life. But how to get it, I waited there patiently and after some time I saw a very old woman was walking in the long courtyard, she may be a servant or somebody, I don’t know. I called her and asked…

“Mom, could you please give a rose flower to me?”
She looked me and asked.
“Who are you boy? Why do you want to pick a rose flower?”
“It is not for me mom, it is for my young sister, day after tomorrow is her birthday, she likes roses very much. So I want to give her it as a gift” I said in a single breath.
She laughed and said. “It is so nice boy, what is in that, you can come day after tomorrow and take as much as you want”
I become happy, finally the search is over and I can definitely give it to her on her birthday.
I returned back to home with a peaceful mind.

Day after tomorrow…
Our little queen’s birthday has come. Early morning she came to me and asked, “where is my rose, did you forget it, I haven’t asked all these days but I was waiting for today.
Where is it, show me now?”

Poor girl, she was dreaming this only all last night?

I told her. “Who forgot it, I never forgot it and I am going to bring it in a short time, okay”

I promised her again and started with my bicycle.
Before reaching there I saw that old woman was standing near the gate.
By seeing me she invited me inside and told me to pick as many flowers I want.
I told her “I don’t want many, but a single rose only for my sister”
I looked all the heaven of roses at a glance and selected a single beautiful rose and picked it carefully without damaging. That was more than enough for me.
I become very happy and I expressed all my thanks to that kind woman and returned to gate.

Suddenly the door was opened and a fat lady came out.
She saw me standing with a rose holding in my hand.
She become angry and shouted to that old woman.
“Who is this dirty boy picking all our flowers?”
The old woman frightened and said “I told him to pick, he asked only one for her sister”
She shouted again “what?, you don’t have brain, this is not for giving to these dirty boys’
She came out dragged my hands and pull out the flower.
Then what she did was something I never expected. She put that beautiful rose on the floor and then crushed it with her lugs and pushed me outside the gate and locked.

I stood there for few minutes in that shock…
Then become so sad…
Now what to tell my sister, I know today she is expecting only for this, more than anything.
How can I go without this?
How can I find another in this short time?
No, I can’t go back without a rose, I will not go back without a rose.

At that time I saw a small beautiful yellow flower outside the gate under there big fence. She was looking to my face and calling me.
I went near to that, I felt like she was dancing with the wind to make me happy.
I heard she was telling me “Don’t cry, you are not a dirty boy, I am here for you.”
I picked her very carefully without harming her beautiful leaves and went back to home.
I saw my sister was sitting in front of the house by looking me on the road.
I gave that yellow flower to her and told, “See my cute girl, this is your rose, you have never seen it before no? See how beautiful it is?”
I become a bad boy.
I lied to her on her birthday.

What else I can do?
Some times we are forced to say innocent lies for good reasons, no?

But her face became bright like a full moon and I become happy again by seeing that blooming of joy on her face. She hugged me and gave a smooth kiss on my face.
I felt that unknown yellow flower is more beautiful than all those roses I have seen in that house.
No, that is the most beautiful flower ever I have seen in the whole world.

With lots of love,

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