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You are a theist or atheist?

I have faced this question many times in my life. Most of the times that question raised by a confused person who believes himself as a believer of god, most probably he must be a polytheist. And my truthful answer is always I am a believer of god and I can not be an atheist and I can’t stay a micro inch away from that unknown power.

But many of you believe that you are true believers and worshipping your god always, but still you may be a real atheist.

How can a person be an atheist without even knowing the truth that he is an atheist?

Simple answer, “if you do not believe in god, you must be an atheist”.

You may be a polytheist, but still that can be a reason for you to be an atheist.

It is just like mistakenly interchanged babies in the delivery room and whole life they love somebody else as their father. His love is truthful, but I feel pity for that son, same way I feel pity for all god’s sons and daughters in the similar situations.

A vast subject very briefly says…

Human life evolved through various cultures, and various communities started praying various myths and started calling all those are gods and believed that all those have powers to be a god and they started worshipping. There would have been many reasons for them to do that. The followers of those groups and their generations also did the same and still their present generation follows that, and believe what they believe is the real god. They must have got some historical stories to prove their beliefs.

If I am able to be a spectator watching all these incidents from outside throughout the generations, what would be my reactions to their beliefs?

If I am totally aware about the evolution of incidents and all the stories and myths created by men, what will be my reaction to those gods?

All those men and their generations and the whole world had been created by some unknown power and our awareness about that power is a big zero.

Do they believe in god?

No they do not at all believe in god, but believing in some beliefs handed over by somebody. So how can we call them as believers of god? No doubt they are atheists.

The same way vast majority of human beings are still atheists. They never have thought about god a single second in their life. All their life is being wasted by running behind the man made lords. They are devotees of babas, swamis, bhagavans, epic Heros etc.
But nobody is a devotee of god.

So don’t think that you are a believer, think about your beliefs. What do you believe?
What are you worshipping? The one I worship is a man made one or god’s own one?

How men can make gods, if so, why should I pray those gods?

Who told me first to worship that god? How he came to know that is the real god to be worshipped? What was his authority to tell me to worship that?

Who told you that you are in this religion? There was any marks on your body by birth proving that you should be in any particular religion and worship only the selected gods in that religion?

If a sensible person sits and thinks about these questions can easily find that all what we do are the results of big foolishnesses.

So you are a devotee of god… or what?

You may be a person regularly visiting temples, churches, ashrams or any man made institutions related to god, but still you can be an atheist.

Do you want to live as an atheist?

It is your decision.


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Haven’t you ever observed the increasing number of sufferings and terrible incidents around us in our daily life?

Have you ever thought about the reasons behind all those happenings?

And have you received any satisfactory answer for that question?

A serious thought in the cosmic path can generate the answers in your own head with out anybody’s help.

“We have an automatic PH controller in our plant. Do you know how it works?

Its controls are set automatically to take actions whenever the acidity of the water raises and PH value decreases less than 7, the controls will open more alkaline solutions to that water to neutralize the water in order to make the PH value again to 7. (7 is the PH value of normal water). Same way if the alkalinity raises and PH value increases above 7, the controls will open more acidic solutions to neutralize the water to make the PH value again to 7.”

Don’t be confused by reading this science and technology in between cosmic laws. I just wanted to explain that, cosmic laws work on us almost similar to the above mentioned process. Whenever there is good causes rise in an individual, then that must be settled to a predefined neutralization with same amount of good effects to that individual. (Remember that a society is nothing but a group of individuals) The same way whenever there is bad causes raises in an individual, that must be settled to a predefined neutralization with same amount of bad effects to that individual now or then to fulfill the eternal needs of cosmic laws.

It’s simply like gathering negative or positive marks. If you gather a good amount of positive marks, nobody can stop you from receiving the flow of good effects will be flawing to you to neutralize that. And the same way if you gather a big amount of positive marks, nobody can save you from receiving the flow of bad and terrible effects will be flawing to you now or then. Nobody can predict all this and nobody can get an explanation too, only other than the person gathered the marks. Everybody around can understand only the immediate causes and immediate effects of those incidents.

These cosmic marks can not be gained by visiting a lot of temples, churches or pouring a huge amount of money in to those man-made and man controlled institutions.

I am not saying that, visiting a temple is bad, “I also do that”. But the philosophy behind that is entirely different than a majority of others think. That will be explained somewhere in the upcoming chapters.

So in a society, which is been formed by a group of individuals, if a majority of individuals try to do the acts which are helpful for achieving positive cosmic marks and a minority earn negative marks, then comparatively the effects happening in that society must be definitely positive effects and a few incidents can happen somewhere to neutralize the less amount of negative marks.

But in the present society around us, and in many parts of the world, is earning negative marks uncontrollably without even thinking a minute about the effects of their acts and may or may not be ready to face that. The cosmic entities can not withstand with such a huge amount of negative marks accumulated in one side of the scale. There will definitely be the ways to discharge it, now or then. And that discharge or neutralization is what happening around us. But still those societies or individuals who earned a good amount of positive marks can withstand in between all these sufferings and there will definitely be good effects waiting for them to neutralize their positive marks.

Actually in our daily life activities, we are earning small amounts of positive and negative marks depend up on one’s acts and behaviors. Those acts may be very simple, may not be noticed in our fast life or it can be very complex too.

Just an example, when you are traveling in a crowded bus and all the seats are full, you and your friend is occupied a full seat which is actually designed for three persons. In the next stop one more person entered in the bus and stood near to you. You also saw that but because of your comfortable sitting with your friend, you didn’t want to move a bit and give a little space to that man which is really deserved to him. You enjoyed travel and reached to destination. Everything was fine, but you didn’t know that, you have already gained a bit of negative marks in your account. If you have given a space to him or if you have given your own seat to an old person appeared in front of you, you could have gained a bit of positive marks. When ever similar situations occurs we definitely receives a cosmic signal as a guideline of what to do and what not to do, but we simply avoiding that for our instance comforts.

This is just an example of incidents in our daily life where we gather goodness and badness. These incidents can vary from this scale to a verity of higher scale activities and the effects will also vary accordingly.

So our aim in our daily life and activities should be focusing on gathering a good amount of positive marks and accumulation of that can block all the negative effects and allow only positive effects flows towards your future.

I have said this much, and you have read this much, now naturally there will be a few confusions in your head, I know that.

Probably you are thinking about how some richest and lucky people are enjoying their life with a lot of money they got without knowing any struggles in life and without doing any good acts for earning any positive marks? Is there any logic in that?

Probably another thought can be about, somebody around us are having sufferings only from the childhood and still suffering a lot even they are very good characterized people and doing good acts only? So what happened to the logic here?

Or a child, from the birth is suffering a lot of painful diseases, what is the logic here; he hasn’t had any chances for earning any positive or negative marks, but still? What cosmic laws can say anything here?

Yes I do agree with your questions, of course we have questions. But the million dollar question is something else, and that is,

“Where can we get the answers?”


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Again a few more things about truth…….and love.

Manmade materialistic truths are always subjected to some references, must be able to be proven to our sensual inputs. Otherwise it can not stay that respected chair for a long time but not ultimately. Again, these references can be reached through scientific advancements or through learned knowledge or blindly handed over believes and customs through generations, but are always subjected to changes. Latest achievements and findings replace the previous ones with new truths and laws, and that is an ongoing process always in the history of mankind. Our materialistic truths can not remain in that respected place over an infinite period of time, it can become a false today or tomorrow…”that is an ultimate truth”…. feel that “truth of change” is an ultimate truth. Believing in the ultimate truths integrated in our inner selves is better than believing in the truths subjected to definite change.

If I try to explain with a few small examples without going up to universe , mass of our galaxy etc, simply think of some wrongs which were in our society in past, present and future…we can find many examples of “true” becoming “wrong” and “wrong” becoming “true”… There was a manmade custom in Kerala long years back that lower cast women were not allowed to wear anything to cover their upper half of body and it was an approved sin if they do so, but now their following generations wear dress to cover full body and now it has become a right instead of a wrong for them and now if they are not wearing, it is a wrong!!! If I think further, now Muslim women cover all the body including head and face with black cloth, very strict custom in Muslim countries, otherwise it is a wrong. How long this truth will remain in their society? Fifty years? Hundred years? Thousand years or eternal? I am not arguing against the beliefs of any particular religion, but just a sensible question may not create a controversy if I ask this after a thousand years. We may not be able to do anything against the materialistic truths, but that sense of a feeling can make us to handle the explosive and sensitive issues with a light handled mind.

Okay let me divert from truth to love. But ultimately there is no difference from truth to love. Any living being can have a love totally integrated with trueness and anybody can have a loveless with integrated wrongness. I had to use the word “loveless” only, because if I use the word “hate” can not express the true meaning of the sentence, because hate can be truthful corresponds to maintain the cosmic laws. But love can not be integrated with false, because the real feeling of love is fully equal to the truth, it can not be any way separate to that. If it diverts and become an “acting love” or “pretending love” can not be considered as the true feeling of love, then it has become “loveless” and a wrong. Love which is sensible more than the bodily senses is not an act, but a feeling. Loveless is an act of love without that inner feeling is a sin towards gathering minus cosmic marks. Any feelings weather it is love or hate can be true if it is true to the eternity and true to be inline with the cosmic signals. In the same way anger can be truth, laugh can be truth, lust can be truth, but false also. All depends up on where and when the feelings are deserved, and that decides the inner consciousness of cosmic signals, not human laws.

Love and “lust with love” have no limits, because it is true to the cosmic senses, anything outer that is loveless and a wrong. No materialistic truths have never ever realized this fact and adding more and more control over human natural needs and hammering a harmonious life and finally leading to very undesirable effects. Lot to write about this subject but I am not intended to write anything more, because it may lead to many controversies. Many of the readers must be having a materialistic brain implanted all manmade truths throughout generations. So let us move to another subject.


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What are the guidelines for us to follow and where it is available?

Of course it is not so easy to define the eternal themes by any being under the width of polar wings and bounded in between the true realities of birth and death (How can I do?). But the will of a person to find the reality can reach up to the nearing of the real levity of enigma and the lightness against the wrong logics. When we come across any abnormal group activities that struggle a minority or individual being living in line with peace and without distorting any views or activating any affairs towards the illogical injustice, many of us should have feelings towards that, thoughts towards that, emotions towards that? Isn’t it?

That is enough, if you are not able to do anything. At least you can have a few drops of tears against all the odds and at least you can have a few words to yourself or to anybody who can sense your feelings. That is the start of a flow of communication which hasn’t an aim towards a definite predefined target, but it can reach up to any unreachable distances (or if we think unreachable) of linked nodes through the eternal communication path. An expression or a look or even a sigh can produce an energy that will be flowing through that path.

These are the “emotions”, but simply we can’t say these are the emotions towards any thing, but these are the energy towards a movement. When mind works as the mechanism of an act towards anything in our world, (without it nothing is possible in the human world). Then what is the fueling energy requires for the running of this mechanism, ultimately that energy is the feelings and the emotions. The mechanism works depends upon the fueling towards it, it can stop working if the fueling stops and it can work faster and positively if there is a high positive energy fueling towards it, and it can work slowly if there is less flow of emotions towards it. Also it can work destructively to disturb the life of others and make the world of many in hell, if there is a high flow with high energy flowing negatively; it can cause wars, massacres, communal riots etc. And there will be the signs of the world are becoming heaven for many, if there is a collective flow of positive and constructive energy towards the mechanism. When the individual energy becomes collective, through the cosmic communication network, it can make wonders, real wonderful effects.

Earthy man made institutions utilizing the same principle to forcefully introduce there plans in a vast space in to a vast majority of people. That can be in the forms of nationality, pledges and anthems in the forms of “pretended” collective positive emotional energy (telling us to be proud of the boundaries of the land they have allotted or created for us), and in the forms of religion rituals, racism, genocide or what ever odds created by a living human or a group of collective negative emotional energy fueling towards the entire community mind set up. Once it enters and establishes in the listed truths of earthy establishments, it has to be the truth and it needs to be believed as the real truth to the rest of beings in the following and upcoming communities and generations even forcefully. There how we got nations, boundaries on the earth (which hasn’t been defined by an ultimate power), religions and control over natural human feelings and unfortunately up to the physical and biological needs too.

So emotions or emotional energy plays an important role to create a heaven on earth.

Once again the law says that, emotions are the fueling of a mind set up. So even if it is individually or collectively, express it even towards yourself, if there is no reasonable or satisfactory target available, which can pass a flow of positive energy towards the eternal communication path linked through the cosmic network and can pass the fueling towards same direction join collectively and hit against the negative shadow fencing which had been created by dark institutions.

Laws of “win or fail” principle remains in the fallen hearts under the influence of wrong mythologies, it utilizes the raw courage of unbalanced manpower to make utilize their plans against the mankind. But definitely there is a question about that man power, whether they are also included in this cosmic network, why they are not able to think against the negative facts. Here is the answer of the same question remains, which the soul is freed to take any decision but it has to suffer the effects and must wait for the settlement. But there is a truth of law states that he must be receiving the cosmic signals if he has been a being created by the eternal and ultimate power, even if he has a raw mind and has not been educated spiritually or logically.

So emotions are emotions and that must be expressed towards yourself or towards any attracting soul. Without that, a senseless or numb mind can earn a lot negative marks and can be harmful to the entire humanity… don’t allow your mind to be rest, you need to be fueling it with fresh energy, positive and constructive energy, and that are the emotions. Emotions on anything comes in front of you, emotions on anything affects you or any fellow being. But diverting it towards positively or negatively is the sole decision of your soul, but it has surely got a registration in the cosmic calculator if it is even strongly towards yourself too, will definitely pass to that communication path, because of the same reason behind “aham brahmasmi” it will never stay inside you, it can flow towards the unknown path to Brahma (opting a call, that’s all) the creator.


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Why do we still believe in blunders?
How can a man have the wisdom of truth even with out knowing the materialistic laws and truths supposed to have been gained from his own past life and also his words and behaves towards the world? The world which he senses through his eyes, ears, noses, skin and mouth….present world is limited up to these five senses only….so we have a world which is available up to this five, but it doesn’t mean that the real world is the one we are sensing. We are unknown about the true reality. In a black and white film or photo we are able to see black and white images only, but it doesn’t mean that the reality is a black and white world, no there is a colorful world even behind that black and white but we are unable to see in the condition available at that instance. If we go further, we are allowed to see seven colors and the combinations of those seven colors, but it doesn’t mean that there are only seven colors in god’s hand, we are allowed to see that at this instance…if our eyes have a power to see black and white only, then it would have been a different world for us, but still a colorful world exists but not avail to us….our true reality ends up to our senses, even if it is a cosmic blunder, thus we believe still in blunders. If we think further, we are allowed to see the world in three dimensions; we are unknown about the higher dimensions in the universe.
When I am standing on an imaginary plane and watching a big hollow sphere crosses my plane in my three dimensional world, I can see the sphere entering to my plane, crosses my plane and leaves my plane and I am able to understand and explain to somebody what was the incident happened truly, means it was true to me. Now imagine about I am standing on the same plane in a two dimensional world there no thickness sensible to me and there only length and width avail to my senses, but the incident is same. So when the sphere starts enter I am able to see a spot appears in my plane and then the spot is becoming a circle and the diameter of the circle increases and getting bigger and bigger then reaches up to the maximum diameter of the sphere and then the circle starts reducing and becoming small and small slowly then becomes a dot and then disappears. So how can I understand and explain to somebody… a dot appeared, then it become a circle and become big and big and small and small then again a dot and disappeared… very far from the true reality!!! But that was true to me at that instance.
So at many instances the true beliefs and understands that makes us to believe the truths through our five senses may not be the eternal or cosmic truths and there the extra senses avail for our help through the cosmic path to trace the cosmic truths.
Which is the safest place on earth, can somebody say that is mother’s womb?
Can anybody say what the biggest sin in the world is?
We don’t know the path and ways of the intruding fetus and its rout towards mother’s womb. Doesn’t he think that is going to be his first safe place on his new earth?
Attacking another human being or killing a fellow being can be a sin? Depends up on the instances and the truism it will be. If a person is deserved to be killed for the sake of truth and the sake of other beings around him, that act can be converted to an absolute truth to fulfill the needs of cosmic laws.
But what a fetus, which is a soul has been came out from unknown hands of the creator, in fact he is the only authority able to do that?
The basic feeling or the first and beginning feeling of that converted soul is fear, fear about the world he feels through his senses. But he believes that he is in a safe place and a comfortable place that our creator has given to him in his mother’s womb.
If a mother and father or a girl and boy or their individual decisions or an external force or what ever decision towards destroying the one inside the womb can be fatal.
Abortion is a common word and due to the vast and common usage of a big sin, it has become a sinless’ act and resting in a place of common act.
But the degree or hardness of that act is more than the cause factor of a father killing his baby or mother killing her child and can be the biggest sin to count the maximum negative marks in the eternal cosmic calculators. The results or effects of that cause are unpredictable and unavoidable. Who ever inclined to that act can have the topmost minus mark holders to wait for the settlement. A mother fighting against it but failed can have a place in the path and divert the effects towards the incliners. But the father and mother agreed to have that act causes a wait for the hardest effects can have a lot of pain, could be equivalent or more than the crushing of a baby inside the unsafe womb…it is also unavoidable…and unpreventable…no human being can help them to divert the path…wait for that day…today or tomorrow…


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I know how big the noise that I can make by clapping my hands, but the intensity of that noise varies upon the situations where I am doing that. That must be loud and hearable in a closed room, if I am the only one doing that. But the intensity must be less if I am doing the same in a busy street, and certainly make no identification if I am doing that in a crowded hall with a thousand people doing the same. So I want the reader in my closed room, because I know that I can make a small noise only. Shall we go there?

A consciousness appears beyond the five senses can sense the rightness or wrongness associated with one’s conduct guide an intelligent being to take a decision. A flow of communications occur both in spiritual and logical ways which leads him to overcome the tendencies towards the wrongness which happens in micro seconds. But the outcome is unpredictable and uncontrollable by any associated phenomenon; it is absolutely free to the soul which is heading to that. Cosmic laws acts only after taking that decision and after doing that karma, there the laws of cause and effects starts working in an unavoidable or unpreventable form, which can go thousand times harder than the wrongs had been committed, but no way return and not stoppable by any force…beware about that…watch the happenings around us, it must have been an effect behind a cause or a cause towards an effect, (it may be a cause towards an effect but the same time it can be an effect of an unknown cause happened in the past also), must not been revealed to anybody other than the person who has received and accepted or rejected the cosmic signals.

When ever there is a time for doing that, actually it happens throughout the entire life; think without delay about the consequences to protect the ultimate truism. We need to be careful for availing the intellectual information detects through our antennas, which are being received through our innovative networking system where our brain also involved, but not reachable through scientific advancements. Is there a usable way out to the harmony in our ecologo-spiritual system? No, there are no ways out to this closed loop which is being maintained by that extra sensual phenomenon operated by an unknown force could be called as what ever names, and that harmony must be maintained by following the cosmic laws.

So where is the way out of this closed loop system?

World goes in a busy path, we are moving in a transition, where we left our past is not going to come back and where we are heading to? So far not known. Seems we are moving in the middle of water floating with out knowing the destination but still flows with a lot of calculations and plans thinks to be completed before reaching that final destination…but still floating elements not knowing when to fall down to the unknown deep.

A harmonic relation of our mind to the surrounded nature can make us to view the happenings around us where we are supposed to live as social elements, but when we are in a way to handle the system and pretend to protect it by thinking that we are the eligible creatures to regularize the harmony and to maintain the system, no … absolutely a foolish and wrong thought to take care and control the absolute truths of nature. It is like a prisoner saying that he is the topmost caretaker of the entire prison…no men or women allowed to do that, eternal laws are equal for all the inmates and nobody can have a control over that.

The eternal truism is internally integrated to mankind in a specific path surrounded by repulsive and attractive surfaces which acts as the counterparts of every decision taking mechanism of human mind ultimately being maintained by the unavoidable signals from the cosmic entities.

When a man cross these hard hurdles to neutralize his own thirst towards the man made materialism? It requires a hard fight against the man made truths to overcome its bombarding hits and to nullify that to create an extreme vigilance against human materialism to live or withstand with the ultimate truism. Causes will have an effect and effects must have been by a cause, which is an ultimate truth, the basic truth towards the truism is this simple truth. Even a micro gram of weight will not move a micro inch in the universe with out a cause happens to move it and vice versa, if it has been moved a micro inch, must have had an ultimate truth of cause happened to move that. It is an ultimate and absolute truth.

Believing in absolute truths is better than believing in known gods, because all the ultimate truths have been set by that unknown god, the creator.

But when ever a crash occurs in between the cosmic and materialistic laws, there the dilemma occurs, a true man tries to trace the truism is being obstructed by the false materialistic truism and he will have no options either to suffer with that or to break that. A true man needs to have a heavy will power and cemented faith and confidence to deal with the dissimilarities, and to cross the hurdles, and to roar the world that you are doing not the true truth, that way all the false truths in our minds can be evicted.

Praying to a known god, who had been created by our own, is an insult to the creator. It is like our children calling somebody else as his father without knowing that you are his father. In his case there is an exception that he is calling without knowing, but in our case , there are no exceptions, we are very well know about the ultimate fact of our unknowingness; that we don’t know anything about him and there are no ways open to that central processing unit. By knowing that ultimate truth, what ever we are doing outer to that is utter foolishness.

A true man can have some basic qualities.

Go ahead with the ultimate truths which are cosmically signalizing internally.

Don’t fear about the consequences of materialistic truism.

Cross the hurdles of big “No’s with a light hearted ‘yes’ in mind to catch the reach of ultimate truism.

Believe that presently we have a body and mind only…all beings in our surroundings are also having a body and mind only, rest of everything comes around that. All the coverings around that are false materialistic images, and to be observed with a gentle smile on face. Materialistic truism can appear in many forms, i

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Tired of searching books to study what do’s and don’ts, what rights and wrongs, what is wickedness and goodness? Thinking of a book which is written by god or waiting for the one couriered by him?

Stop doing that, it is like my grandpa was searching for his reading glasses with out knowing it is still on his face. There are some extra senses which prevail for the survival of human body and soul when ever we have a choice to select either rightness or wrongness. It can be named as sixth sense, seventh sense, eighth sense or more. Those inner senses can be in the form of an intuition or in the form of a sparking thought what ever regards to ones conduct and acts as a guideline for him to go through each and every activities in his daily life. But we are freed to select or reject. And those are the counts for each individual soul, either can be a negative count or positive count, and that counts must be settled somewhere in the cosmic path. Even though our souls are freed, but the networking is still valid and that will be working, not till the end of the bodies but till the endlessness of souls. That networking is fail proof than all manmade networks like our internet, and is having an uninterruptible server of the almighty power which is unknown to all nodes which are active in the present network with limited boundaries of birth and death. That allows only to pass communications but not to open any ways to the central processing unit of that server.

There is the hidden part which is unknown to any being which is living and bounded in between the birth and death. So whatever the investigations are being done or been done at past or will be done in future can never surely say that this is that big thing what you are searching for. And the predictors which are throwing stones can hit a mango if he is lucky enough, but he is indeed not allowed to say even a minute prediction according to cosmic laws. But with those senses we can count our cosmic marks and forecast before doing or not doing any karma.

Some times I think about the civilized man, who thinks civilized and educated a lot and made a most modern world for him, but still holding a dirty mind with accumulated dirt with out cleaning an inch in the forms of cast and religion, in the forms of gods, in the forms of wealth, in the form of lust. Is there a group here ready to face the facts and to think about human and humanity with a more importance than religion and cast. I welcome a human to my home when he leaves the burdened blanket of cast and religion. I welcome a human who don’t believe in Krishna or Jesus or Allah blindly. But I close my doors to an inhuman that can’t have an inner sense to know that unknown power which could be called as god, Krishna, Jesus, Allah or what ever names he would like to call.

I had seen a painful scene during my vacation last week, might not be a painful scene for others, but it was the most heart wrenching scene for myself. When I was driving through a village road in an area where Hindus and Muslims are most populated, suddenly the road became filled with many school kids discharged from nearby schools. I drove slowly watching those girls and boys, and noticed a strange formation of groups. I could easily identify the groups of girls with black scarf on head, and other groups with out a scarf on head but with tied hair and some with chandanakuri on forehead etc with Hindu symbols. I couldn’t find a Hindu girl in the Muslim girls groups or any Muslim girls in the Hindu groups. And I was searching the entire road to find a mixed group of girls but so sad I could not find.

Same way the boys are also moving as groups, but there was no identification of religion of them , but I am sure some groups are having Basheer, Salam, Ahmed and Mohammed only and some groups are having Sanjay, Sundar, Krishnan, Venu only.

How sadly the poison of religion is injected into the innocent blood and how sad there minds are separated far away…. shouldn’t suppose to be.

Is there nobody to say them that they all are same, all there friends are having same blood and flush, all of them are having the same unknown god. Had all our saints are dead. Why all of us are running behind god, politicians are running behind god, they are utilizing god and religion as a weapon for utilizing their plans. So I welcome a human who is not a politician and not believing in that god.

Sorry for drifting out of subject, I will come back to the cosmic laws and how to manage with our positive and negative counts ….. remember always, that must be settled.


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