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Things that you have earned with your own efforts with out hurting anybody will never leave you, or they will come back to you even if you lost it.
That is my belief.
There are some examples in my life and I want to share with you.
Any body can think about a suitcase with all valuable items lost in the big city of Madras, and is it possible to get it back?

Once I went to Madras (Now it is Chennai) for an interview. I caught an auto from Madras central to the hotel where the interview takes place. I was very tired after a long train journey. So before getting in to the auto, I took some soft drinks from one busy shop near railway station. But after drinking I forgot to take my suitcase with all my money and all my original certificates inside. I kept it just in front of the shop and quickly entered in auto and went to the hotel where the interview was going on with my handbag only in hand.
There was a lot of tension in my head and I was in hurry also, so I could not immediately notice about the missing suitcase and I waited in the reception for more than three hours. I remembered that only when they announced my name as the next candidate. I was looking for the certificates and shocked by seeing no suitcase and certificates besides me.
Immediately I ran out but couldn’t remember where I missed it.
I just walked all the way behind with out any aim.
I searched all the reception and in front of the hotel, I couldn’t find it.
Then I got a doubt that it may be there in the railway station or may be in that shop where I had the drinks.
But now almost four hours passed, how it will be there now in this big city?
And no money to catch an auto again, for safety I kept my purse also inside the suitcase and kept a hundred rupee note only in my pocket, damn it !! that I gave to that auto driver also.
I sat down beside the road on a cement wall with all my energy lost.
I felt like all my life is gone, what I can do with out my all certificates ?, how can I go back? Who is there to help me in this big city?
May be I have to beg somebody even for going back.

I was totally upset and sat there for a few minutes without any hope and looking on ground.

I looked in front by hearing a call. That was a beggar boy around the age of twelve or thirteen. He was standing in front of me and asking me money showing his hand.
I looked to his hand, there was a one rupee coin.
I checked in my pocket, and found only a one rupee coin.
That was the only one left in my pocket.
What is the use of keeping it there, let it also go…
I thought like that in desperation.
I put it on his hand and said, “Now you are more richer than me, I become poor , I have nothing in my hands”
He looked on my face with unbelief, and then asked in Tamil.
“You look like a rich man, then where all your money gone?”
“Yes boy, I was rich, but I lost my suitcase somewhere near railway station”

He didn’t say anything for a moment and started walking, but suddently turn around and told me something unexpected from him.
“Sir, don’t worry sir, your bag must be still there only where u kept it, go fast and take it”
That time one bus came and stopped near us.
He put that one rupee coin back to my hand and again put one more coin, that was his earning and said.
“Sir, get in this bus, you can reach railway station with this two rupees, go fast”
I was not in a state to give any reply, but I got some energy from his words and ran to the bus and got in.
I reached railway station in half an hour.

How luckily I found my suitcase was still there in the same place where I kept.
No body even touched it.
So many people were rushing all the way around, but nobody noticed that suitcase luckily, or I think it was still under the custody of god.
I returned back in an auto again. Before reaching the hotel I searched for that boy everywhere near the bridge to give him some money for my pleasure.
But I couldn’t find him.
That was an amazing experience.

Once again I missed some valuable items.
That was a very expensive camera and the set of printout photos taken by that camera.
I received all the printouts from a studio and unfortunately put camera also inside that cover, then we went for a long shopping all over Kuwait city and Malia city.
After a long shopping in many shops we returned home and checked all bags and found camera and photos were missing.
I couldn’t remember where I kept it and it is very difficult to go and check in many shops. But I joked to Renu keeping in mind my previous experience that not to worry; I will get it back definitely.
But I didn’t have any hope.
But that also happened amazingly!!

After around three months, we were doing again another shopping in Kuwait city and went to one sari shop. Renu started selecting saris, after some time that shop owner called me and I went near to him. Then he took a photo and looked on my face and confirmed something.
Then gave me our old cover with camera and all photos are safe in that and said that he got that cover on that day inside the shop.
But he was a good man and didn’t take it to home. Instead he kept it there only and observing everybody coming to the shop and expected to return once when the real owner arrives.
We told many thanks to that honest shop owner.
That was a happy moment to see some good people are still in our world.

These incidents taught me one thing. Don’t fear about any losses when it happens.
Any thing you earned THROUGH GOOD AND TRUE WAY WITHOUT CHEATING OR HURTING ANYBODY will never lose from you. If you lost also, it will come back to you, or god will bring it back to your hands.


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