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You are a theist or atheist?

I have faced this question many times in my life. Most of the times that question raised by a confused person who believes himself as a believer of god, most probably he must be a polytheist. And my truthful answer is always I am a believer of god and I can not be an atheist and I can’t stay a micro inch away from that unknown power.

But many of you believe that you are true believers and worshipping your god always, but still you may be a real atheist.

How can a person be an atheist without even knowing the truth that he is an atheist?

Simple answer, “if you do not believe in god, you must be an atheist”.

You may be a polytheist, but still that can be a reason for you to be an atheist.

It is just like mistakenly interchanged babies in the delivery room and whole life they love somebody else as their father. His love is truthful, but I feel pity for that son, same way I feel pity for all god’s sons and daughters in the similar situations.

A vast subject very briefly says…

Human life evolved through various cultures, and various communities started praying various myths and started calling all those are gods and believed that all those have powers to be a god and they started worshipping. There would have been many reasons for them to do that. The followers of those groups and their generations also did the same and still their present generation follows that, and believe what they believe is the real god. They must have got some historical stories to prove their beliefs.

If I am able to be a spectator watching all these incidents from outside throughout the generations, what would be my reactions to their beliefs?

If I am totally aware about the evolution of incidents and all the stories and myths created by men, what will be my reaction to those gods?

All those men and their generations and the whole world had been created by some unknown power and our awareness about that power is a big zero.

Do they believe in god?

No they do not at all believe in god, but believing in some beliefs handed over by somebody. So how can we call them as believers of god? No doubt they are atheists.

The same way vast majority of human beings are still atheists. They never have thought about god a single second in their life. All their life is being wasted by running behind the man made lords. They are devotees of babas, swamis, bhagavans, epic Heros etc.
But nobody is a devotee of god.

So don’t think that you are a believer, think about your beliefs. What do you believe?
What are you worshipping? The one I worship is a man made one or god’s own one?

How men can make gods, if so, why should I pray those gods?

Who told me first to worship that god? How he came to know that is the real god to be worshipped? What was his authority to tell me to worship that?

Who told you that you are in this religion? There was any marks on your body by birth proving that you should be in any particular religion and worship only the selected gods in that religion?

If a sensible person sits and thinks about these questions can easily find that all what we do are the results of big foolishnesses.

So you are a devotee of god… or what?

You may be a person regularly visiting temples, churches, ashrams or any man made institutions related to god, but still you can be an atheist.

Do you want to live as an atheist?

It is your decision.


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Haven’t you ever observed the increasing number of sufferings and terrible incidents around us in our daily life?

Have you ever thought about the reasons behind all those happenings?

And have you received any satisfactory answer for that question?

A serious thought in the cosmic path can generate the answers in your own head with out anybody’s help.

“We have an automatic PH controller in our plant. Do you know how it works?

Its controls are set automatically to take actions whenever the acidity of the water raises and PH value decreases less than 7, the controls will open more alkaline solutions to that water to neutralize the water in order to make the PH value again to 7. (7 is the PH value of normal water). Same way if the alkalinity raises and PH value increases above 7, the controls will open more acidic solutions to neutralize the water to make the PH value again to 7.”

Don’t be confused by reading this science and technology in between cosmic laws. I just wanted to explain that, cosmic laws work on us almost similar to the above mentioned process. Whenever there is good causes rise in an individual, then that must be settled to a predefined neutralization with same amount of good effects to that individual. (Remember that a society is nothing but a group of individuals) The same way whenever there is bad causes raises in an individual, that must be settled to a predefined neutralization with same amount of bad effects to that individual now or then to fulfill the eternal needs of cosmic laws.

It’s simply like gathering negative or positive marks. If you gather a good amount of positive marks, nobody can stop you from receiving the flow of good effects will be flawing to you to neutralize that. And the same way if you gather a big amount of positive marks, nobody can save you from receiving the flow of bad and terrible effects will be flawing to you now or then. Nobody can predict all this and nobody can get an explanation too, only other than the person gathered the marks. Everybody around can understand only the immediate causes and immediate effects of those incidents.

These cosmic marks can not be gained by visiting a lot of temples, churches or pouring a huge amount of money in to those man-made and man controlled institutions.

I am not saying that, visiting a temple is bad, “I also do that”. But the philosophy behind that is entirely different than a majority of others think. That will be explained somewhere in the upcoming chapters.

So in a society, which is been formed by a group of individuals, if a majority of individuals try to do the acts which are helpful for achieving positive cosmic marks and a minority earn negative marks, then comparatively the effects happening in that society must be definitely positive effects and a few incidents can happen somewhere to neutralize the less amount of negative marks.

But in the present society around us, and in many parts of the world, is earning negative marks uncontrollably without even thinking a minute about the effects of their acts and may or may not be ready to face that. The cosmic entities can not withstand with such a huge amount of negative marks accumulated in one side of the scale. There will definitely be the ways to discharge it, now or then. And that discharge or neutralization is what happening around us. But still those societies or individuals who earned a good amount of positive marks can withstand in between all these sufferings and there will definitely be good effects waiting for them to neutralize their positive marks.

Actually in our daily life activities, we are earning small amounts of positive and negative marks depend up on one’s acts and behaviors. Those acts may be very simple, may not be noticed in our fast life or it can be very complex too.

Just an example, when you are traveling in a crowded bus and all the seats are full, you and your friend is occupied a full seat which is actually designed for three persons. In the next stop one more person entered in the bus and stood near to you. You also saw that but because of your comfortable sitting with your friend, you didn’t want to move a bit and give a little space to that man which is really deserved to him. You enjoyed travel and reached to destination. Everything was fine, but you didn’t know that, you have already gained a bit of negative marks in your account. If you have given a space to him or if you have given your own seat to an old person appeared in front of you, you could have gained a bit of positive marks. When ever similar situations occurs we definitely receives a cosmic signal as a guideline of what to do and what not to do, but we simply avoiding that for our instance comforts.

This is just an example of incidents in our daily life where we gather goodness and badness. These incidents can vary from this scale to a verity of higher scale activities and the effects will also vary accordingly.

So our aim in our daily life and activities should be focusing on gathering a good amount of positive marks and accumulation of that can block all the negative effects and allow only positive effects flows towards your future.

I have said this much, and you have read this much, now naturally there will be a few confusions in your head, I know that.

Probably you are thinking about how some richest and lucky people are enjoying their life with a lot of money they got without knowing any struggles in life and without doing any good acts for earning any positive marks? Is there any logic in that?

Probably another thought can be about, somebody around us are having sufferings only from the childhood and still suffering a lot even they are very good characterized people and doing good acts only? So what happened to the logic here?

Or a child, from the birth is suffering a lot of painful diseases, what is the logic here; he hasn’t had any chances for earning any positive or negative marks, but still? What cosmic laws can say anything here?

Yes I do agree with your questions, of course we have questions. But the million dollar question is something else, and that is,

“Where can we get the answers?”


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