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Here is my entry to women’s day contest. (click the image for details) More than a competition, I want to use this opportunity to spread my vision to a wide audience. This is a public call to action and touches all the listed development issues, but to the unlisted girls in our country.

I don’t want to write a long article about the ‘freedom of women in society’ or ‘equality of women and men’. I never impressed in any of those subjects and, in fact I hate all those scraps. But please don’t misunderstand me, it is not because of I am against women’s freedom or equality, but in reality I never thought about women, our counterparts, in anyway inferior than us men. But unnecessary pleading of equality can create an illusion of inferior feeling among women, which is unfair and thus should be avoided with a strong belief of knowing and building self power and confidence of their own.

A real fact hurts me more intensely than the above mentioned subject is something else, but that may not create an impact on you and may not digest you after the initial read. But still I want to write about that again where ever I am getting an opportunity to present it in front of a vast community. That is about thousands of girls and women out there in our streets, wandering all around for a piece of bread to find a solution for a times empty stomach, searching even in the waste bins to feed their babies, receiving up to thirty customers a day at the age of thirteen in prostitution dens. Poverty and poor situations lead them to reach those pathetic states, but we, the civilized people nicely close our eyes, turn around and think about only our life which is still going on. You people may not realize the facts by sitting and reading this in posh and polished rooms, but as a person gone through the middle of extreme realities and visualized the unbelievable facts those are hard to accept, I am able to write this at least.

I thought about writing a story to convince a few out there, but later dropped that idea. Writing a tragic story of an abandoned stray girl or a girl thrown in to brothel home can jerk a few drops of tears from your eyes. But that doesn’t give any benefit to those girls who are really living a life of those characters. So what is the use?

In reality they are not even counted as humans; they are unlisted in any government listings. They have not been counted as Indians, not as Hindus, not as Muslims, nothing… even not considered as humans too. I have seen many strikes and agitations for availing more benefits to particular communities, particular areas, and various issues affecting we civilized people. But who is there to raise voice for them and who are there to strike for them. A few charity organizations and orphanages are there but comparing to the actual volume of them, those are not enough even for one percentage. So where is a solution? I have never seen any public or political movement pleading government to take care about those unwanted humans. Government is pouring billions of money in various projects to develop our country, but if they allot the equal money of a single project for rehabilitating those people, I think that will be enough to wipe out the entire stray girls at least in our metros. That was my imagination only and nothing is going to work out, I know that too. So I am introducing a new plan and trying to convey this message to as many as I can, through what ever Medias I can avail.

So sad, we can’t change the entire world, don’t even think about that, because it is like an ant trying to take a hill, leave that, but an ant can take a piece of sand from the hill. Then I decided to do what I can? That only is my aim to do. Do only what I can….and the result of that idea is ….

“Take a girl and make a woman”

I want to emphasis this to all my readers too, just to introduce my vision to an enlarged frame. From the childhood I had a vision and later developed and finally reached into a shape and become the answer of how can I change a life and how can I make a woman. Yes I can make a woman. Let us see how it is?

Think about the present life of such a girl who comes in front of you or god shows in front of you, and then think about her future after a few years when she becomes a woman. Who will be she? She will be a beggar, a prostitute or a wandering girl or whatever may be in pathetic situations. Then think about what you can change on her. If you can make a change on her life, you will be doing an act which is not less than making the life of a woman.

There you can create a woman, proud living woman, than a stray girl doesn’t be counted by anybody. Once in a time, after a few years, when you see her going to school in nice uniforms, you can imagine about where she would have been if you were not there. Once in a time, when she starts going for a new job as a proud woman, you can imagine about she is sitting in a brothel home if you were not there.
And you can feel that you are the one made that woman; you are the only one made the life of a proud and independent woman. If you were not there, there would have been a stray girl lived and died through out sufferings. What a waste of life?

And that is something which is unachievable by any human being around you. It will be the greatest achievement in your life. And I insist only one, not many, only one. If you can take a single girl representing the entire poverty and sufferings around you, and make her a woman, that is enough for your life time. Can you do that?

Of course you are doing everything to your family and giving everything to your daughters. But you are not creating or changing the life of anybody. Your kids are supposed to reach where you want them to reach. But a poor girl, who is not supposed to reach in any of those positions in the new life which you are building for her, which is not supposed to be achievable even in her wild dreams. And later whatever you do for her will be a transformation of her future and history. There you, a single human being, can pay the benefits to entire humanity to survive with goodness.

You will not have any regrets about the poverty and sufferings around you. No stray girls on street can disturb your dreams. And you are changing the history of a proud woman, and thus you are making a woman.

Can anybody do that? Can anybody have the heart to do that? Can anybody have the fortitude to do that?

Can the authorities look in this to promote the idea?

It is not about a childless couple adopt a girl from an orphanage, but adopting a street girl to a loving family, childless or with their kids, doesn’t matter.

I know there are legal issues in the present system, but authorities should take necessary steps to start a movement. We need to change the system to accommodate all the human beings; the world is not only for us.

We all can’t start an orphanage or girls home, but we all can accommodate one in our home, as our daughter, is it possible?

If a quarter of us do this in the future, how many lives can we change?

Can we do that?

If my article can become a sparking reason for getting a life to a single such girl, now wandering somewhere in any of our streets, and if she can become a proud woman like all of you, that will be the most satisfactory feeling which I would consider than my entire achievements in my life as a writer and as a human being. One more thing before a stop, I was always ready for starting this movement but failed a few times due to unfortunate reasons, still waiting for an opportunity and legal help from authorities.

I want to tag the following bloggers and I will inform them about the contest.


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