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 Weeping all around, how can I live here?
The world is so so bad, how can I pass a day,
I don’t want to read the evening news papers
I don’t want to hear the frightful breaking news.

Crying all around, reasons are so much…
The men are so so bad, how can I live with them.
How can I wish good luck, I know that won’t work
How can I have a wish, I lost all my hopes.

Battles all around, for winning big zeros
The rulers are so bad; they may kill us too,
How can I vote for them, nothing good to choose?
How can I trust on them, once they broke all trusts?

Cheatings all around, for earning bad zeros,
The sellers are not good, they sold all their goodness.
Byers also cheat; they want to buy all sins.
How can I be honest, in this world of frauds?

How they win the world by killing all of us?
How they enjoy wealth by cheating all of us?
How they smell fragrance by spraying all our blood?
What a world is this? Can I have an answer?

I can see mothers, wandering all around,
Expelled from their homes, reasons are many.
How their sons can sleep, with their sons in calm
Later their sons too, will do the same to them?

Crying children around, in all the nightmares
Some of them have been, raped so cruelly,
Some of them may be the victims of all wars.
How can I stop seeing that? Can I have an answer?

How can I pass a day, without knowing all these?
How can I escape from all these haunting thoughts?
I can be in my closed room, but can it stop all these?
Truth stares me, that I can’t change anything.

Each moment I enjoy, somebody is in sorrow.
Happiness I can have, but somebody is in pain.
Can I have a feast, when others are in starving?
How can I pass a day, Can I have an answer?

I don’t want to be a priest, to live near to god,
I don’t want to be a prophet, to purify the sins,
I want to be a man among all other humans,
At least one day here, in my dream ideal world.


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