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That was the coldest Friday during the winter season in Kuwait.
I am the laziest person on Fridays always in the comfortable warm inside the blanket and wanted to sleep on the bed all the twenty four hours, with Renu, if she is not angry.
But that day it has been disturbed by Renu’s loud voice.
“Hay Ayyan, get up, did you forget that?”
“Today is the party that Mohan invited us?’
“O my god !! alright, I forgot that, their happy anniversary, right?’
“Yes, come out and be ready quick, we are already late man. “
Mohan is one of my smartest subordinate and this is the first time he invited me to a party as a chief guest once after he brought his family after a long period of bachelor life here. That was not only an anniversary party but he wanted to give a treat for us and to introduce her wife to everybody.
He was a family friend of us for many years and Renu was also happy to meet his wife for the first time.
“Alright I will be ready in five minutes, what about you and what about the gift?”
“I know you will ask this, so… I did it same like every time.”
She was clever and she had already purchased and well packed the gift and shown me.
“Oh dear that’s very fine,”
We reached to the venue almost one hour late and everybody was already there and finally waiting for us.
Mohan and wife came out with wishes and he introduced us to his wife, Renu quickly hold her hand and started asking many questions while I was recollecting something in my memory.
They greeted us and invited for some drinks and then went to others.
Soon they came back and sat in front of us.
Renu gave her gift and then that was my turn to ask something.
I calmly asked her name and confirmed something then asked little loudly.

“Hay Priya, could you please explain me something”?

What Sir?

“Tell me what the ways that AIDS can be transmitted are?”



All the people around stunned by hearing my question.

Renu stopped drinking and staring to my face with unbelief.

She asked with chocking words, what Ayyan, what happened you? What did you ask to her just now?

Yes that’s what I asked, Priya give me the answer?

“I asked again”

Priya was still in the shock that what she heard from her husband’s boss and in a dilemma what to say or not to say and she was looking to Mohan’s face like crying.

I didn’t want to trouble everybody for long time, so I laughed and broke the silence.

“Hay Dear Priya you have studied in Baselius college right?”

“Yes Sir, how do you know that?’

“Can you remember your classes in Kings English institute and look on my face again?”

Again silence for a few moments….

Suddenly the expressions changed on her face and asked me loudly…

“Yes Sir I can remember you sir, oh was that you sir our grammar teacher?”

“Yes, exactly..” I said.

“Oh my god!! I can remember, and very very sorry about that sir, but I am so happy to know that you still remember me.”
Everybody sighed with relief including Renu but was in enthusiastic to know what the story is behind.

Then party hall become a class room and I become a story telling teacher.

After the completion of my studies, I was desperately looking for a job.
I was a topper in the college and that made my life troublesome.
Because of all my relatives and neighbors were thinking that I am a top ranker and companies are going to come to my home immediately after the course and they are going to pick me up and put in the manager’s seat.

But that was not the real fact.

Nothing happened after many months also.
The procedure of sending applications and attending interviews continued endless and I become despaired and not in a situation to look on others faces.
And who ever I meet on road was asking about my job and that question was irritating me like anything.
I didn’t want to sit in home with out doing any job and that was killing boring.
I changed my daily routine.
Every day I waited up to nine o’clock to watch the arrival of postman with any white cover in hand. I was always expecting some interview or appointment letters.
Those days internet and email were not even in my dreams also.
So my time pass was only one thing.
Immediately after postman’s arrival, I used to take a file in hand and going out without looking both sides in full sleeve shirt in executive style.
I did that to make others think that I am going for job or some higher studies.

But my routine was strange, morning to noon I was in a public library and when that closes at noon I was shifted to bishop’s library and again evening to public library.
That was the routine.
Then one day I met my friend in library and I told him my all problems. After hearing all, he proposed to me a solution.

“Can u take grammar classes for pre degree girls?”

“What are you asking? Grammar class, may be I have to refer all the English books from school classes again, okay that can be managed some how, but again how to manage the pre degree girls?”

I got a shivering in my legs, how that will work out for a nervous person like me?
But he encouraged me,” nothing will happen, you can do that?”
I had no other choices in front of me, so I accepted that offer and that was a small holding place for a person who was already drowning.
I started my classes with confidence.
The first few days were fine, but I was in front of the girls always with a heavily beating heart and some how completed the lessons and worrying everyday about the next day.
And one day that happened and that made me to make an end of my teaching career.

And she was the reason…Priya..
I noticed that girl on my first day itself and tried to avoid even an eye contact with her.
She was the smartest girl in the class and always surrounded with a group of her friends.
She was a cheerleader or a gangster of them.
I actually feared that group of butterflies.
And there was a very bad system there and that was troubling me always.
Every Friday was a day for interaction in English. In that class all the students can ask any questions in English and I should give answers in English to make the language fluent for them.
The first few questions were easy and I managed all.
Then there was a loud voice from the gang.
Priya called me and asked me very politely..

“Sir shall I ask a question please?”

Trying to hide my worries on face and I told her to ask.
She asked politely.

“Sir what are the ways that AIDS can be transmitted?”

All the girls started laughing by hearing that and started making many comments.

It was a simple question at any other instance and I knew the answer too.
But still I become nervous and my mouth become dry.

Some how I managed to tell that “AIDS is a serious decease and…….. it is spreading because of …unsafe ….

“Unsafe what sir?”

“ unsafe……….blood transaction”

Priya’s gang was laughing and she asked again, “that we know sir, but one more?

My hands and legs started shivering, some how again I said” because of…… using same needle……. to infected people…….. and…… others ……can be a cause …..no?…”

They laughed again and didn’t want to leave me…”sir we know that but one more, some thing like precaution while doing something? Didn’t you know that?”

….I said…”may be… may be …by…….. kissing each…. other can…also…… transmit no?….’

“No sir no…you don’t know? One more…main cause?”

I am totally lost and some how managed to tell that I will go to office and come back.

I quickly jumped out even with out taking my books and pen and that was my way out to my teaching profession also….

When I stopped my story, Priya came to me and said,,

“Yes all you said is true and please forgive me sir, that was just for a teenage fun and I am very happy to see you again here. And once you left the college we all felt very bad and wanted to meet you again for asking sorry, but we could never meet you and it happened now only, so now I am asking that sorry again sir”

I said, its all okay Priya, now I can understand that was a funny incident and I am also very happy to see you again here, and you will be one of our best family friends from today.

Mohan came and hold my hands while everybody was laughing.


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I am not sure it was a dream or not… a girl was wandering on road….not exactly a girl, she was somewhere in a way turning to a woman. But her childish face and poses resembles a kid’s plays.
Where am I?
Why should I drive in this hot sun, hay look around I am too fast, slow down…
Life is like that when we are in hurry to grab a lot, movements become faster than expected and where is the time to look around.
I was asking myself a lot of questions, but I am not even ready to think of an answer.
I had a bicycle…lazy riding here and there… no hurry at all… God!!! She blocked the way, I feared her…half naked or full naked sometimes I feared that childish face…even I was also a child like her too.
Hot sun has become a companion for me nowadays and where I have time to stay in a shade. My customer is waiting somewhere and I have to reach there somehow before he reaches, otherwise it is going to affect the entire business.
I don’t like him…he has a cute face and sharp words…not only to me but also to the whole world, but what I have?
That thought terrifies me and started my first competition to a human…still continues for the struggle of life…to achieve the top most chairs and to survive there…I want to hate him and hate others with out a valid reason justifies to god…I hate myself also for doing that.
Today when I see a crowd near the bus stand or railway station, she crashes to my head….her childish face and naked body disturbs me. So I learned to divert the routs.
She is falling on my bicycle and grabbing the handle and trying to catch my hair.
A crowd is there around and watching us…..yes watching, watching, watching only…smile on every faces…no sympathy at all… A free show may be long awaited for them…enjoying the show of a mad girl, yes enjoyable… if she is not our mother or daughter???

I could not do anything on fear… my hands and lugs are become stuck like a statue.
Hay what is happening… her lips touched my face….
Was that a kiss???
A breeze with a bunch of roses fell on me…I had become weightless like a feather and slowly lifted up with the wind…I fell asleep.
I don’t want to open the glasses of my car, because I love the cooling inside. I don’t want a crazy hand to come inside and catch my hair… I can go inside a crowd and I can enjoy her half naked dance with a smile on face and a rap music on my HiFi Stereo system, because my glasses are up…I am covered and well protected…I think, Am I cruel too? How much money is enough to satisfy till the maximum possible days allowed, anybody calculated?
Ohhhhh god what a horn…disturbed my thoughts…humming a bee on head…lucky enough up to an inch gap to that truck…life is sometimes near to an inch gap no?
Who cares about that?
I had a little kindness in heart to get a punctured skirt and shirt to her.
But now where I missed it, I can’t remember…now I look other side to escape from the guilty feeling before it starts catching me, because I am inside a bubble created my own.
I fell down from my bicycle… every body started laughing, laughing, laughing only.
She gave a hand to me…. I looked her up side down… a rainbow was glowing behind her head…colorful…cute…I heard light thunders or tremors…..rain is going to come….a few drops hit on my eyes and flowed out…I wasn’t crying…but tears came out… I fell asleep.
Whaaaat a craaaashing sound…what happened behind…I stopped my car, came out and looked back….no … nothing there….empty road and that truck is rushing alone towards the other end of road…an eagle flying parallel to that also alone… both faded away till the limit of my eyes…now only the empty road…I slowly walked on the hard road…hot sun is straight on top and my brain is getting hot…I thought about that rainbow, am I not lucky enough to see a rainbow nowadays. I lost the eyes to see that and lost the heart to enjoy that beauty…but where? turned up my face…only hot sun is there, straight on top, nothing else…empty sky!!!
Where am I sleeping…and my bicycle is on the other side of road…and heard the crashing sound of truck…yes behind…I saw that punctured skirt and shirt….so who pushed me…my god…why did she do that? Mad girl…a mad girl did a mad act and she escaped…me too.
I saw that colorful rainbow behind her hanging hair…upside down again…the rain was stopped …tremors were stopped… was I crying… tears were coming out …there was red horizon behind her… red sun was slowly falling to darkness…

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They were two; they may be lovers or couples.
I don’t know.
I wanted to ask, but I couldn’t. Why?
Because they are only insects, I don’t know there language.
I sat there not for watching them, but for waiting my friend.

But unexpectedly my attention turned to them may be because of their beauty.
They had small golden wings and yellow dots on it and size was as smaller as a matchstick tip. There acts amused me, I could see they were dancing together, singing together and enjoying there life with out any tension about future. They just reminded me my own honeymoon days and also led me to many thoughts. How god created these small beings and why he has given this shape and beauty to them, they must have a heart and brain?

Hay Ayyan, have you reached already? His loud voice waked me up from thoughts.
He came and sat near to me and lightened a cigarette, before started talking he just looked on ground and saw one of the insect running by hearing the sound of his boots I think. He just crushed it with his heavy boots while talking and laughing with me.
But he didn’t see the other one was running.
I don’t know why he did that and what satisfaction he got by doing that.
That place was not his not mine too. He hasn’t created them and they haven’t done anything against him. What to do? Some people are like this, they don’t even think what they are doing. It is over.

Our talk was also over. He left the place with a big goodbye.
I just looked down again. I could see a few pieces of golden wings and the other one walks and runs around that. I couldn’t understand its language but I knew that, it wasn’t dancing and it wasn’t singing. I was able to hear her (or his I don’t know) loud cry.

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